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We work together to develop and pilot scalable solutions for the circular economy. So far, we have run pilot projects and innovation programmes in more than 20 countries.

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Projects Overview


Creating Value in Plastics
through Digital Technology


Controlling E-Waste Imports in Tanzania

India, Mexico, Vietnam, Brazil

Plastic Credits for Inclusive
and Transparent Circularity


Guideline for Organic Waste Treatment
in East Africa


E-Waste Compensation as an
International Financing Mechanism

Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Germany

German-MENA University Network for Waste
Management and Circular Economy


E-nnovating Quito - Sustainable E-Waste Management Supported by Collect-and-Learn Vehicles

Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Enhancing Awareness and
Employment through Recycling

Balkans, East Africa, South America, West Africa

Finding Solutions for
Problematic E-Waste Fractions


Leadership Training for Multipliers
in the Circular Economy

Indonesia, Nigeria, Georgia, Mexico, Ghana, Ecuador, Maldives

BE.Innovative Programme
on Behaviour-Centered Design

Nepal, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Kenya

The RRR Accelerator

India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

The Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Challenge

Our Project Quality Criteria

ⓘ All PREVENT projects must fulfil the following quality criteria:


The project develops or enhances a circular economy solution for low- and middle-income countries.


The project addresses at least one of the PREVENT topics.


The proposal contains a clear description of the expected results. These clearly contribute to the mission of the PREVENT Waste Alliance.


An integrated approach is applied, which considers the SDGs and social safeguards (such as conflict sensitivity, inclusivity, human rights, gender), the needs and characteristics of the country of implementation and project beneficiaries, and the scalability of the project.


Project proposals are ideally developed or reviewed by a PREVENT Working Group.


Project proposals must be approved by the PREVENT Steering Committee.


Project teams include at least one PREVENT member and one local organisation.

Are you interested in funding a project?

Financing Option A

The PREVENT Secretariat administers your project


If you are interested in financing PREVENT Waste Alliance activities or implementing your project ideas via the PREVENT, the Secretariat (GIZ) can take over the contract design and project administration.

For this option, the following conditions apply:


  • GIZ financing rules and regulations must be adhered to.
  • The financing amount must be at least 250,000 EUR. Several PREVENT members or third parties can also join forces and pool smaller amounts. The pooled funds must be combined by one organisation, which will then be GIZ’s contractual partner.
  • The scope and timeline of the funded activities will be agreed upon in a co-financing agreement.
  • The PREVENT project quality criteria must be fulfilled (see above).




Company X would like to support activities to reduce marine litter in low- and middle-income countries. For this it has allocated 250,000 EUR for 2 years and would like the PREVENT Secretariat to administer the funds. The company would like to make use of the PREVENT Plastics Working Group to plan and implement the activities on its behalf. For this purpose, a contract (a so called co-financing agreement) is set up between GIZ and the company. The funds are used to finance projects in low- and middle-income countries. The company can decide to hand over all decisions regarding the selection of project ideas and locations to the PREVENT Waste Alliance (Secretariat, Working Groups and Steering Committee) or influence the selection by predefining certain criteria in the contract.

Financing Option B

You finance PREVENT activities that are not financially administered by the Secretariat


You can also finance specific PREVENT Waste Alliance activities (such as projects, studies, events) without channelling funds through the Secretariat (GIZ).

For this option, the following conditions apply:


  • You take care of project administration and contracting and channel the funds directly to the implementing partners.
  • The PREVENT network is used for project development and implementation.
  • Activities are branded according to the PREVENT Waste Alliance Communication Guidelines. The PREVENT Secretariat will communicate the activities on all its channels, reaching a large audience of relevant stakeholders.
  • The PREVENT project quality criteria must be fulfilled (see above).




You are a PREVENT member and have planned an initiative to promote the circular economy in Egypt. To increase the visibility of your initiative and establish contacts with relevant stakeholders in Egypt and globally, you would like to collaborate with the PREVENT Waste Alliance. If your project meets the PREVENT Waste Alliance project criteria, you can benefit from the support of the PREVENT Secretariat who will organise exchanges with members, brand the project with the PREVENT identity and communicate it for more visibility.

We look forward to discussing

your project idea!

Nicole Bendsen
PREVENT Secretariat

+49 (0)228 4460 3889

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Our Topics

Our working groups currently focus on three material streams: plastics, e-waste and batteries, and organic waste.