Guideline for Organic Waste Treatment in East Africa


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  1. Little sustainable management of organic waste
  2. Lack of framework conditions, organisations, technologies, business opportunities and funding

Our Solution

The project developed a legal, technical and economic guideline for dealing with organic waste as a basic strategy for politics, administration, research and the private sector for East African countries, using the example of Ethiopia.

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WasteGui: Guideline for organic waste treatment in East Africa

This report provides a detailed overview on concepts for collection, transport and final treatment of organic waste to inform politics, administration, research institutions, and the private sector.


Video: A Guide to Organic Waste Management in East Africa

Untreated organic residues pose a major potential hazard to humans and the environment. At the same time, organic waste holds great potential for energetic and material utilization. In this session, the pilot project gives an overview of the current organic waste management system in Ethiopia. Furthermore, adapted logistics and treatment concepts for different settlement structures are presented and discussed.

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