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To align the efforts for a circular economy, PREVENT serves as a host for global partnerships. With a shared vision and goals, these partnerships strive to collaboratively develop and enhance circular economy solutions as well as jointly acquire funding for their implementation.

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Global Action Partnership for EPR

Jointly advancing EPR - GIZ, WWF and OECD have partnered to establish the Global Action Partnership for Extended Producer Responsibility, the “GAP for EPR”. The partnership also receives circular economy support from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and is in close collaboration with UNEP on providing technical support to governments and PROs.

The GAP for EPR provides a one-stop-shop for EPR. It strives to create a common understanding of EPR, build an international community to share knowledge and expertise, and offer technical support on EPR development worldwide. You can:

  • Browse through the extensive library of EPR-related resources

  • Request assistance from the EPR Helpdesk for tailored technical support

  • And join the community space to foster collaboration.

  • visit the website

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We work on innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to a circular economy in low- and middle-income countries.

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