Stakeholder dialogue and Technical Exchange on Circular Solutions for Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia • 11. October 2022

Stakeholder dialogue and Technical Exchange on Circular Solutions for Indonesia

How can we tackle the urgent issue of reducing plastic waste in Indonesia? More than 80 participants joined in to respond to this question and attended the Stakeholder Dialogue and Technical Exchange on Circular Solutions for Indonesia in Jakarta.


On 11 October 2022, stakeholders from across Indonesia and the region met in Jakarta to jointly discuss solutions for plastic waste pollution in Indonesia. Among the participants were many members form the PREVENT Waste Alliance and partners from several GIZ projects, ranging from innovative start-ups to recyclers and government representatives.

The workshop significantly contributed to systematically address the complex challenges of waste management by involving the perspectives of all stakeholders to share the latest development of circular solutions for Indonesia.

“We need to acknowledge the roles and involvement of stakeholders along the whole value chain and develop the right solutions and measures to tackle the challenges for waste management and reduction” stated Warthane Puvanaraja, First Secretary for Climate and Environment from the German Embassy in Indonesia in her welcome remarks.

During the workshop, the participants

  • exchanged on measures to enable Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) through law enforcement, market conditions, improved collection, and incentives
  • discussed strategies for implementing design for recycling based on context specific approaches
  • addressed challenges for introducing reuse systems like return rates, financing and standards
  • explored the potential of digital solutions for supporting the circular economy
  • and shared ways to incentivize the behaviour change of consumers.

In the different sessions, PREVENT members also presented results and learning from the pilot project “Creating value in plastics through digital technology” ,the BE.innovative  contest on behavioural solutions for waste prevention and The SUP Challenge.

The vivid discussions in all sessions made it clear: We can only establish a circular economy and improve waste management, if we collaborate with all stakeholders among the value chain – ranging from the private sector to the government, consumers, to NGOs and academia.

“I believe with this collaboration and openness we can reach our target and make Indonesia even better, even cleaner” said Rofi Alhanif, Assistant Deputy of Waste Management from the Coordinating Ministry of Marine Affairs and Investment.

The workshop was jointly organised by the PREVENT Waste Alliance in collaboration with the GIZ projects Rethinking Plastics – Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter, 3RproMar and CAPSEA.