E-nnovating Quito – Sustainable E-Waste Management Supported by Collect-and-Learn Vehicles


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  1. Uncontrolled and improper disposal of e-waste
  2. Little awareness among the population about the proper management of e-waste
  3. Little infrastructure available for e-waste collection and few managers authorised to treat e-waste, lack of infrastructure to industrialise or recycle plastics from WEEE

Our Solution

This project contributed to the design and pilotage of the first domestic e-waste collection and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme in Ecuador. It developed policy recommendations on both the national and the municipal level to strengthen EPR for electronics. Through an awareness raising campaign, citizen participation and a collection initiative the project aimed to lay the foundation for increased e-waste collection and recycling rates in Quito.

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Video: Activating Stakeholders to Co-Create a Sustainable Management System for E-Waste in Quito, Ecuador

How can you start if you want to establish a sustainable e-waste management system? In this video, the pilot project team explains how they dealt with expected and unexpected challenges like lack of national regulation, lack of data or political instability. The session also highlights the process of supporting a Producer Responsibility Organisation. Special focus will be given to two innovative elements of the project: 1) mobile exhibitions for awareness raising and collection and 2) improving the treatment options and applications for e-plastics.

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