Smart Wood Solution starts Crowdfunding Campaign

14. January 2022

Smart Wood Solution starts Crowdfunding Campaign

The social German-Kenyan start-up Smart Wood Solution has launched a crowdinvesting campaign and offers investors an attractive opportunity to realize social and environmental impact with their investment.

As a German-Kenyan social purpose business, Smart Wood Solutions has set itself the goal of successfully implementing positive impacts for the climate, environment, and people in Kenya through an innovative solution.

Now they want to implement their solution together with impact investors. For this they have started a crowdfunding campaign for this upcycling project.

Smart Wood Solution’s goal is to ensure that the more than 90% non-recycled plastics in Kenya are used wisely for new products and to produce cost-effective alternatives to expensive, resource-consuming raw materials that are harmful to the environment and the climate.

Smart Wood Solution is building materials and products which consist of a developed bio-composite. This bio-composite is a combination of recycled plastic and natural fibers that are produced as residual material in agriculture. With their initiative, they want to ensure that in the future plastic does not end up in the oceans and environment in the first place but is collected directly and returned to the material cycle through a payment system. This prevents the environmental problem and results in important new income opportunities.

The resulting material combines the mechanical strength of natural fibers and the durability of plastic, allowing the industrial production of high-quality building materials from it. The strong wood-like character of the material gives it the look and feel and allows it to be processed in the same way as wood. Incidentally, this material can also be recycled in the spirit of the Circular Economy and processed into new products made from Smart Wood Solution.

It allows them to produce prefabricated houses, schools, animal sheds, warehouses and furniture.

With your investment and sharing this opportunity with your networks you can support the development and the start of the production in Kenya. More information and the platform for investment at