EPR for packaging in Argentina

9. August 2022

EPR for packaging in Argentina

Due to an increased need for sparring and peer-to-peer learning on the set-up of EPR systems, PREVENT organised two sparring sessions on the topic of EPR for packaging in Argentina in the beginning of August. PREVENT members and partners came together to discuss questions like: Are voluntary PROs (Producer Responsibility Organizations) a good idea when there are no packaging waste regulations?

In the last months, the PREVENT Secretariat noticed a need for sparring and peer-to-peer learning. Different stakeholder groups contacted PREVENT with concrete needs and questions regarding the set-up of EPR systems.

For this reason, two sparring sessions on the topic EPR for packaging in Argentina were organised (one on 02/08/22 with CEMPRE and one on 09/08/22 with the City of Buenos Aires) and PREVENT members and partners experienced in this topic came together to share experiences from other country contexts and to discuss together.

In Argentina more than 40 packaging waste law projects have been proposed in the last 20 years without success. Lack of consensus among the industry and the political parties have prevented EPR initiatives for packaging become a reality. Even if there is waste sorting infrastructure in place and organised waste pickers’ organisations, the recycling rate remains low.
In this context, the participants asked the following questions: How to set up voluntary PROs (Producer Responsibility Organizations)? How could a future regulation benefit from this experience? How have different PROs for packaging been put in place in different countries, in the context of an existing EPR regulation?

The presentations and recordings of the two sessions can be accessed by PREVENT members here in the PREVENT HUB.

In case you would like to organise a similar sparring-session to discuss specific questions and challenges on EPR – in Argentina or elsewhere – please feel free to contact the Secretariat.


(c) Picture: Sergio Bon