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As an international think and do tank, we connect
circular economy practitioners worldwide.

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How we work

  1. We are a vibrant network with innovative power, cross-sector expertise and state-of-the-art tools sharing our knowledge around the topic of circular economy.

  2. We connect different perspectives and act in international cross-sectoral partnerships.

  3. We incubate and pilot scalable circular economy solutions worldwide.

  4. We contribute to shaping international guidelines and standards for circular economy solutions.

Working Groups

PREVENT members engage in working groups that set their own goals and jointly implement activities. Currently there are three main working groups.


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E-Waste and Batteries

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Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the circular economy in low- and middle-income countries by minimising waste, eliminating pollutants, and maximising the reuse of resources in the economy worldwide.


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Join the PREVENT Waste Alliance and connect with 500 member organisations at working group meetings, matchmaking sessions or on our  internal member platform PREVENT Hub. The PREVENT Hub provides a space for direct exchange between members and easy access to relevant resources, news and events.


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Our Success Stories

"With the support of the PREVENT Waste Alliance network, we were able to test the Circular Credits Mechanism for the first time in Mexico and Central America as a market solution to tackle plastic pollution, focusing on the informal sector. We worked to empower local organisations, build capacities along the value chain and, most importantly, create lasting relationships with other members for systemic collaboration."

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Alessa Araiza, Co-Founder, Sarape CircuLab

"Leading the team at Mountain Research Institute to achieve circularity in Ghana comes with its own challenges. Thanks to the PREVENT Waste Alliance Leadership Training, I am able to leverage on the experience from the training to use the different leadership archetypes that best address the challenges that come with managing the organization. It has been an eye-opening experience"

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Dr. Atiemo Sampson, Executive Chairman, MRI Ghana

"Thanks to the BE.Innovative programme, we gained valuable insights into the behaviour change approach. Our mission to move people in Indonesia from single-use to reusable diapers was undoubtedly challenging. Due to the support of the PREVENT Waste Alliance, our journey became an exciting and successful experience."

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Celia Siura, COO, Common Seas

"As part of the PREVENT Waste Alliance network, we were able to form a coalition with partners from different parts of the world. By participating in the RRR Accelerator, we were also able to implement a Repair Revolution Workshop in Nepal, which is now one of our main activities at Doko Recyclers. In this workshop, students learn to repair household items from the e-waste we collect. "

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Pankaj Panjiyar, COO, Doko Recyclers

"We feel privileged to have collaborated with the PREVENT Waste Alliance, whose support and shared mission played an essential role in transforming our RE-circular electronics concept into a reality, which will bring tangible changes in consumption patterns within our community and help to address e-waste challenges in Ecuador."

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Jhoanna Rosales, Director de Triple Impacto, Vertmonde

"An African proverb says 'knowledge is a garden'. PREVENT is a garden of knowledge that is well cultivated and curated and can therefore be harvested. We, the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN) Foundation, are happy to participate in fruitful discussions, benefit from trainings and embark on joint projects with other PREVENT members."

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Piotr Barczak, CE Program Manager, ACEN Foundation

"Thanks to the Plastic Credits Working Group within the PREVENT Waste Alliance, we have been able to build meaningful and impactful partnerships in our global fight against plastic pollution. In addition, the network provides an excellent platform for building a common framework in the area of financing waste management in the Global South."

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Ruth Kranenberg & Martin Hinteregger, Co-Founders, Waste Reduction

Our Members

We are more than 450 organisations from more than 50 countries working together under the PREVENT Waste Alliance.