The Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Challenge






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  1. Single-use plastics (SUPs) used in foodservice are amongst the most common plastics found in the environment
  2. Entrepreneurs and start-ups offering alternatives to SUPs often struggle to scale up their business
  3. Value chains for SUP alternatives are still underdeveloped

Our Solution

The PREVENT Waste Alliance and The Incubation Network have launched The SUP Challenge to collaborate with Entrepreneur Support Organisations (ESOs) in South and Southeast Asia to source, support and scale high-potential startups tackling single-use plastics in the food and beverage sector. The SUP Challenge supported eight Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) and 76 startups across across India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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The SUP Challenge - Market Insights Report

This report presents insights from The SUP Challenge, including high-level findings from the life cycle assessment (LCA) studies conducted on four of the pilot projects.


Cohort Booklet

The cohort booklet features the eight Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) and 76 startups that participated in THE SUP Challenge.


Technical Playbook: Accelerating Circular Solutions to Single-Use Plastics

The Technical Playbook serves as an end-to-end guide for market acceleration of circular products. It outlines activities that should be undertaken to support interventions between companies developing and offering circular solutions and partner companies that are their target customers.


Life Cycle Assessment Report

A holistic life cycle assessment of four alternatives to single-use plastics in the foodservice industry was conducted. The four solutions include: a reusable takeaway container, a refill machine for dispensing liquid cleaning detergents, a single-use takeaway container made from areca palm leaves and a single-use drinking straw made from coconut palm leaves. The LCA offers a more comprehensive understanding of the environmental impacts and costs of different solutions.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Calculator

The LCA calculator to helps you to compare the life cycle environmental impacts of alternative solutions versus SUPs and understand how different parameters can affect the environmental performance of alternative solutions versus SUPs.

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