Controlling E-Waste Imports in Tanzania


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  1. A lack of data on and control of used and waste electronics imports into Tanzania
  2. Need for a local implementation strategy and harmonisation across the East Africa Region on transboundary waste shipments

Our Solution

The project supported the Tanzanian government in setting up mechanisms to reduce and control the import of e-waste. It analysed transboundary e-waste and Used Electrical and Electronic Equipment (UEEE) flows and contributed to developing and piloting a national strategy to implement the Basel Convention Technical Guidelines. It also helped to strengthen local capacities for import control.

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Video: Used Electronics or E-Waste? Setting up Control Mechanisms for UEEE-Imports in Tanzania

How can we differentiate between used electronics and non-functioning, e-waste imports? The ReduCE-Waste project aims to support the Tanzanian government in setting up mechanisms to reduce, control and assess imports of e-waste and develop a national implementation plan of the Basel Convention Guidelines in the country. In this session, the project shares knowledge and experiences that may be of interest to countries facing similar challenges.

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