Zentek GmbH & Co. KG

Member since: 10/2019

Active in: WG Plastics, WG E-Waste


Zentek GmbH & Co. KG

Zentek has been firmly established on the market as an innovative waste disposal service provider since 1995. As a joint venture between leading mid-sized and independent waste disposal companies in Germany, Zentek brings together a variety of skills within the mid-tier sector. The Zentek dual system, licensed nationwide in 2008, covers a range of services as an integrated system within the waste disposal market, from licensing to collecting, sorting to recovering valuable materials. We provide all the services that further develop ecological approaches to packaging law and packaging recycling in Germany under one roof.

We want to ensure recyclable materials are able to continue being used and therefore support the Prevent Waste Alliance with our expertise in improving how recyclable materials are managed. As a dual system, we take care of collecting and sorting packaging materials in order to return them to the production cycle as secondary raw materials.

As a waste disposal company and, in particular, as a dual system, we see ourselves as a company that’s part of the circular economy, contributing to both enabling a circular flow system and keeping it flowing. We therefore see the circular economy as the foundation of our daily operations.