Yunus Environment Hub

Member since: 05/2019

Active in: WG Plastics

Yunus Environment Hub

Founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, the Yunus Environment Hub is the global social business network that creates solutions to the environmental crisis. Its diverse work is based on Grameen's 40 years of experience in developing and implementing social business solutions. Building on this, the Yunus Environment Hub offers expertise on the four pillars of incubation, venture building, consulting and education. The Yunus Environment Hub develops, promotes and implements innovative social business solutions in a variety of projects on relevant environmental topics such as circular economy, plastic pollution, CO2 emissions, biodiversity and renewable energies.

The Yunus Environment Hub is committed to expanding the circular economy and improving waste disposal and recycling systems. A particular focus is on improving living conditions and reducing environmental pollution in countries of the global south. Against this background, the Prevent Waste Alliance is a valuable platform for the Yunus Environment Hub to share best practices and form new partnerships. This strong network and the close cooperation with experienced partners enable the Yunus Environment Hub to always meet the respective requirements of the local population in a variety of projects.

Against the backdrop of a still increasing global consumption of natural resources, the concept of the circular economy postulates a radical rethinking. In contrast to previous linear value chains, the circular economy propagates using today’s products as tomorrow’s resources and emphasises the reusability of many resources and materials. The concept of social business practised by the Yunus Environment Hub plays a key role in the practical implementation of the theoretical idea of a circular economy. For example, local social businesses in countries of the global south make a fundamental contribution to the collection and recycling of plastic waste.