Member since: 08/2022

Active in: WG Framework conditions



Wastewards seeks to integrate value chains in solid waste management in low-income countries, currently operating in Indonesia. In such countries solid waste services are often carried out by various service providers. Frequently, these providers operate independently and use unconnected value chains. Wastewards intends to enhance continuity and resilience of value chains and allow for an equal access of different service providers to a shared system. In harmonising value chains, Wastewards contributes to a more efficient use of manpower and resources and to increase recycling rates and acceptance in the population. Wastewards covers service allocation, value chain maintenance, and quality control.

Wastewards is a young organisation. The membership gives us the opportunity to connect with other organisations in the industry, discuss our approach and get valuable feedback. This exchange is decisive in our business development. When we grow and have acquired specific expertise we also want to help others in the network.

A circular approach to our economy is the single way into a sustainable future. This circular mindset has to be inherited in every step of economic action. A comprehensive understanding of circular economy will not only change how businesses operate but will also change our lives. At Wastewards we commit to circularity and sustainability and evaluate every business move based on these merits.