Member since: 03/2022

Active in: WG E-Waste, WG Framework conditions



WAMBO CITY WASTE PICKERS is an environmental and social Non-Governmental Organization based in Athens Greece, that focuses on the integration of waste pickers through interventions in the areas of Identity rights, health safety, skills development, market employment access, and policy advocacy. The critical aim of the movement is to assert their contribution to environmental protection, their status as workers, and their crucial role in the solid waste management of a city.

We believe that united we hold greater power. So being a part of the PREVENT Waste Alliance, we will be able to come together with environmental enterprises that share similar goals and visions with us and generate social, economic, and environmental impact for the most vulnerable groups of our community. Joining PREVENT and collaborating with its members will make our work more efficient, well-executed, easier, and creative. And by using resources, exchanging ideas, experiences, and knowledge around policies we will:
• Discover new reuse/recycling initiatives across Europe.
• Help those in need.
• And expand our social contacts for future collaborations and project opportunities.

For WAMBO circular economy means a second chance in life. The potential and profit that a waste picker sees in a used item, that he proceeds to recycle and reuse, preventing in this way a series of environmental challenges and at the same time contributing in this manner to the regeneration of nature.

WAMBO strives to advocate for the rights and recognition of waste pickers and the crucial part they play in circular economy and sustainability. We try to integrate waste pickers into the solid waste management system and the formal economy of our country.