Verband Kommunaler Unternehmen e.V.

Member since: 06/2019

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Verband Kommunaler Unternehmen e.V.

"Verband kommunaler Unternehmen e. V. (VKU) is the German Association of Local Utilities. It represents the interests of the local public utility sector in Germany, which includes both supply and disposal services. The 1500 member companies of the VKU operate in the energy supply, water supply and sewage, waste management and municipal cleaning sectors. With over 268,000 employees, they generate an annual turnover of over 116 billion euro and invest over 10 billion euro. More and more municipal companies are committing to the expansion of the broadband network and are investing over 375 million euro annually. Whether it is global water cycles, the worldwide pollution of oceans and the environment, the rise in renewable energy generation and the sustainable use of energy or the digital revolution, the core areas of municipal infrastructure services have a distinct international aspect. The only way to tackle the pressing global challenges facing our planet is by sharing ideas and information and cooperating on an international level. Municipal companies can make a really important contribution in this area. That is why the VKU encourages its members to get involved in international efforts and development policy."

“Municipal companies want to take responsibility. In an increasingly connected world, everyone must work together to find solutions for the benefit of all mankind. Municipal businesses in the waste management and municipal cleaning sectors can use their specialist expertise to improve waste prevention and recycling in developing and newly industrialised countries. Environmental and marine pollution is a rapidly growing problem globally: It is clogging up global ecosystems, causing health problems, destroying livelihoods and is increasingly a factor in migration. The consequences are far-reaching: Tuna with a stomach full of plastic is finding its way to German plates. By getting involved on an international level, municipal companies are making a stand and committing to jointly fighting the waste problem globally. Ultimately, people in Germany and Europe will also benefit from these efforts. This is our contribution to a global issue.” (Patrick Hasenkamp, Vice-President of the VKU, Waste Management Companies Münster [AWM]).

“Our society’s aim must be to create a circular economy. The only way that we will achieve wealth and enable participation is if we maximise the reutilisation of limited raw materials. And to do this, there are some fundamental steps that we need to take: Germany has taken on a leading role on the global stage with its waste treatment and recycling technologies. We want to use our expertise to help our partners to also make progress in this area. Many places still do not have a functioning waste management system. By sharing their knowledge and experience, municipal companies can work with their partners to develop specific solutions. The VKU therefore actively encourages its members to commit to PREVENT. This is why we are also involved in working group 4 of the Alliance, which focuses on improving the underlying conditions at municipal level. Together with various partners, we want to increase the support available and ultimately implement projects in cooperation with partners in the south.” (Patrick Hasenkamp, Vice-President of the VKU, Waste Management Companies Münster [AWM]).