Urban Elements (Pty) Ltd

Member since: 10/2019

Active in: WG E-Waste, WG Framework conditions


Urban Elements (Pty) Ltd

Urban Elements (Pty) Ltd, a South African Company, was established to supply an increasing demand for expert knowledge and support to various sectors in terms of sustainability, green procurement, circular economy principles and strategy, extended producer responsibility support and implementation guidance, which encompasses the public sector and private sector business' from EME's, SMME's, and Larger Corporates, and government departments within the African region. As waste management and specifically WEEE subject matter experts, our services include consultation, training and practical assistance with regards to circular economy principles (CE), the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) establishment and implementation.

To join a like-minded network to contribute to and to gain expertise through knowledge building and sharing that builds relationships to enhance the cultural mindset change required to develop a mature and active network of changemakers to shift from global linearity to circularity and to align with the global sustainable development goals to support corporate social responsibility and extended producer responsibility objectives.
Our practical experience also can facilitate real tangible solutions to problematic and persistent waste streams. Where innovative and creative solutions can be developed as network for the global shift that is needed to make positive change.

It is one of the core objectives of our organisations strategic goal to incorporate CE principles and drive this change into other organisations and sectors. We live in a time of transition, where business and society need to organise activities to address societal, economic and environmental challenges. We need to invent new business models to optimise our way of operating to consider these challenges and to optimise environmental and social values while maintaining economic viability. To design waste out of the system is the main driver in our business thinking.