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the fortunate planet ag

The Fortunate Planet is where people and technology meet to solve global challenges - together. We are a software company that educates and empowers citizens to contribute where to dispose waste correctly, add new disposal stations and track their check-ins in a playful way to improve the way we manage waste around the world. By harnessing the power of community, the fortunate planet ag creates a citizen movement for a sustainable planet and integrates the citizens perspective into all operative processes of your waste management.

Our main objective is to foster collaboration and work on projects in waste management and circular economy globally together with other partners. We also hope to engage actively in networking events and be informed about developments in the sector which can be improved together.

The Circular Economy has the biggest potential to save millions of tons of CO2 in order to secure the life quality. The way we will (re-)use waste as the fuel of the Circular Economy will have a significant impact on maintaining a liveable environment for future generations and our role is to empower citizens to make a positive contribution.