Sustainable Energy Research Group

Member since: 11/2020

Active in: WG Framework conditions

Sustainable Energy Research Group

The Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) at Frederick University and Frederick Research Center, accredited with ISO 9001:2015, engages with state-of-the-art research regarding sustainable energy resources and waste to energy technologies. SERG activities include: research in the fields of sustainable energy technologies, consultation to the public sector on the implementation of European Acquis in the waste sector, laboratory and consulting services, as well as teaching activities under the Engineering School of Frederick University. SERG hosts the required lab equipment, as well as numerical tools for waste proximal and elemental analysis, as well as for waste thermochemical conversion processes and recycling.

The Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) became a member of PREVENT in order to exchange its know-how, experience and expertise with other bodies active in the field of waste management. Our research team, having developed a rich activity in recent years in rational policies and technologies of waste utilisation, attempts to transfer its know-how to other partners in the MENA region and the third world countries. Also, as a research team based in an isolated island state, we seek through our partnership with PREVENT, to obtain know-how from the most technologically advanced countries of Central and Northern Europe, which have developed long-term policies and techniques for waste management issues.

Our research group approaches the circular economy as the model that will completely change the way we perceive the rational management of resources on our planet. The circular economy is expected to be a comprehensive business model, which will lead us to re-evaluate the way we formulate waste management policies and practices. As a research team dealing with waste to energy production, the practical application of the principles of the circular economy and the introduction of the industrial symbiosis concept, will highlight the real limits of our sector, in the management of waste for energy production.