Reverse Logistics GmbH

Member since: 10/2019

Active in: WG E-Waste

Reverse Logistics GmbH

With more than 25 years of experience and 30 companies on 5 continents, the Reverse Logistics Group is one of the leading providers of centrally controlled returns systems for a wide variety of products, making a valuable contribution to the sustainable use of resources. RLG supports manufacturers, retailers and governmental organizations on a global scale in different aspects of product returns management and related environmental compliance tasks. By building and operating comprehensive networks of high level, appropriate service providers RLG is able to process reverse flows in the most efficient way.

We are highly committed to supporting the implementation of a circular economy. From our experience with the collection of waste in developing markets we know how important it is to raise awareness to this matter and support low and middle-income countries in setting up systems to address the waste pollution problem. The value recovery potential of recycling and logistics networks is far from being sufficiently realized and we are striving to make this happen. That is why – as a member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance – we want to give support in enabling companies and consumers to reuse products, components and materials, thus helping conserve natural resources.

Our mission and the philosophy underlying our business is Return to Value and reflects our understanding of a circular economy. A prerequisite for a functioning circular economy is that products and materials are returned to the value cycle after use. On the other hand it is crucial to develop uptake markets and potential applications of secondary resources.
We contribute to this by creating transparent, smooth running workflows across the whole reverse chain and by efficiently handling returns and recyclables to optimize their value output.