plastship GmbH

Member since: 07/2020

Active in: WG Plastics

plastship GmbH

plastship provides a digital platform to simplify the procurement of recycled plastics and to establish links between plastics recyclers and plastics processors with the aim of promoting the European recycling economy. Through its network, plastship aims to increase the demand and use of recycled plastics, to introduce quality and information standards and to digitize transactions. Our aim is to make the use of recycled plastics in products standard practice and to simplify activities related to plastics recycling. The use of more recyclates reduces CO² emissions, saves energy and fossil resources and helps to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and thermal recycling.

By connecting players of the circular economy and their services, an added value can be created which will benefit everyone. We see this in our daily work on our platform, but also in the exchange with other companies and in the development of cooperation with new partners. Thus PREVENT offers a great platform to create added value for all and to promote the circular economy by fostering the exchange between different companies through projects and cooperations.

By supporting the circular economy, resources such as fossil fuels, water and energy can be saved and waste avoided.
With our daily work – connecting plastics manufacturers and plastics processors, developing recycling concepts and certifying the recyclability of products and materials – we support the use of recycled plastics and thus strengthen the circular economy. Thanks to our holistic approach, we can support every participant in the chain with the appropriate service.