PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V.

Member since: 12/2019

Active in: WG Plastics

PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V.

PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V. is Germany’s association of plastic producers. Representing the political and economic interests of their member companies throughout Germany, they serve as a professional body within Germany’s wider chemical industry association. PlasticsEurope Deutschland e. V. is part of the pan-European organisation PlasticsEurope. Their approximately 100 member companies produce more than 90% of plastics in the EU’s 28 member states, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. PlasticsEurope Deutschland maintains contact between European, regional and national stakeholders, providing consultation and factual information. The association works alongside the World Plastics Council (WPC) and the Global Plastics Alliance (GPA), as well as other national plastics associations worldwide.

We strive to promote and expand the circular economy in relation to plastics in cooperation with the entire value chain and other stakeholders across society. The PREVENT Alliance is an important and supportive component, contributing to orderly waste collection generally through dialogue and networking, helping us move closer to the goal of a circular economy.

PlasticsEurope exemplifies the contribution of plastics to sustainability, innovation and quality of life, emphasising the numerous positive contributions that plastics bring to society through product use throughout their entire life cycles. PlasticsEurope represents an industry acting responsibly, contributing to the value chain with its share of product responsibility. As an association of plastics producers operating at the start of the plastics value chain, integration within networks and dialogue based on facts is essential. By way of an example, plastics producers, together with plastics processing and engineering firms, take part in research and projects related to the plastics product cycle, as well as work on standards and other research work.