E-waste Compensation Nigeria




  • Electronics industry and users of electronics
  • E-waste recycling companies and service providers
  • National and international decision-makers


Lack of environmentally friendly e-waste recycling in many low- and middle-income countries due to the lack of a sustainable international financing model.


The project further developed a novel international financing mechanism for e-waste (Waste Compensation) to include batteries and monitors. It created an opportunity for the electronics industry and users of electronics to actively contribute to strengthening and further developing the e-waste recycling sector in Nigeria as well as helping to further advance this concept internationally.


In e-waste recycling, heavy pollution and human health risks are a challenge as sustainable recycling is not profitable in the given context. Financial support, provided by producers and consumers, is needed to finance sustainable recycling practices forwarded by a functioning business model.

The project main objective is to advance the concept of ‘waste compensation’ where international brands and users of electrical and electronic equipment can contribute to a sound management of equivalent e-waste volumes in developing countries.

Sub-objectives are:

  1. Advance an existing solution for waste Li-ion batteries in a compensation scheme in Nigeria to achieve more local value-addition.
  2. Develop a sound and efficient solution for waste flat panel displays in an e-waste compensation scheme in Nigeria.
  3. Work out balanced and widely accepted comparison criteria to ensure that managed e-waste volumes are at least equivalent to the stated claims.


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30 tonnes

Collected and processed 30 t of e-waste sourced locally in Nigeria (overachieving the project goal by 10 t)

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1 client

Sold waste compensation of screens to a client (MMD, Philips monitor manufacturer)

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5 actors

Partnered with 4 local downstream solution actors and 1 re-use case

Videos: E-Waste Compensation


What is e-waste compensation? Watch this 2-minute YouTube video to learn how it works!


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