Creating value in plastics Indonesia




  • Households
  • Local waste collectors and waste banks
  • Local recycling facilities
  • Converters, manufacturers and brand owners interested in recyclates


  • Lack of waste separation by households
  • No adequate working conditions in waste sector
  • Difficult access for local recyclers to international markets for recycled materials
  • Lack of transparency in local waste collection system


This project improves the Indonesian waste management system by enhancing the amount of plastic waste segregated, collected and recycled and increasing the uptake of recyclates in plastic production. It links all players of the plastic recycling value chain – from households to plastic producers globally – through digital technology: a blockchain app and a global online marketplace.


The project enables a transition towards a socially inclusive circular plastics economy by digitising the plastics value chain from local households over waste collection and recycling to production.

In cooperation with the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS), awareness raising measures were developed to promote behaviour change with respect to waste segregation at source. Waste4Change, an Indonesian social enterprise, established a segregated collection system for plastic waste – both at household level as well as through the local waste banks. Plastic Bank’s blockchain technology and app ensures secure and fair payment of waste collectors and increases the volume of recycled plastic by incentivising waste recovery. The recycled plastics are offered globally on the cirplus digital marketplace. Plastic Banks’ blockchain app and cirplus’ marketplace provide easy access for brand owners to source ethically recycled material – paying a premium price to raise local living standards.

The uniqueness of the project consists in the creation of an ethical recycling ecosystem with access to global demand via a digital marketplace. It can provide Indonesia with a socially and environmentally sustainable framework within which waste collection, recycling and education can take place long-term. 


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Roll-out of behaviour change interventions with households and waste banks initiated

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Adapted Plastic Bank app available and users trained

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cirplus marketplace localised incl. new material category

Video: Systems Thinking for Digitalised Circular Plastic Value Chains


The project was presented at the Circular Solutions Festival. Watch the recording of the session to learn more about systems thinking for digitalised circular plastic value chains.

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