E-nnovating Quito




  • Policy and decision makers
  • Businesses and operators along the whole e-waste value chain
  • Citizens of Quito


  • Uncontrolled and improper disposal of e-waste
  • Little awareness among the population
  • Absence of funding for e-waste management
  • Legal framework on (e-)waste management unaligned and only partly enacted


As part of Quito’s Circular Strategy, this project supports the design and trial of the first e-waste collection and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme in Ecuador. It develops policy recommendations and builds stakeholder commitment. Additionally, 2 mobile units are launched that serve as collection and learning centres for Quito’s inhabitants.


In 2019, up to 99 thousand tons of e-waste were generated in Ecuador, of which less than 3% have been processed by formal recycling companies. Against this background, the project’s goal is to design and implement the first e-waste collection scheme in Ecuador. The mobile collection units, which will serve the whole city of Quito, will at the same time function as learning centres for e-waste management. This innovative double function is an effective way not only to increase the collection rates, but also to reach and engage citizens and thus to create a greater positive impact. The collectors will be integrated to an app, so the residents can track the collection routes and will not only receive educational content on-site but also online. Based on the experiences, the project seeks to collect useful data and formulate policy recommendations to incorporate the normative of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) on city level – helping to replicate it elsewhere and/or to other waste streams.


Mid 2021

Awareness raising and collection campaign designed, regulatory framework analysed, and policy recommendations developed

End 2021

Voluntary alliance for EPR started and mobile collect-and-learn centres running through Quito

Mid 2022

Results of the pilot fed into national policy and Quito’s circular city strategy

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