Mold S.r.l. project River Cleaning

Member since: 05/2022

Active in: WG Plastics

Mold S.r.l. project River Cleaning

Mold S.r.l. is a micro enterprise born in 2008 and based in North Italy, in the city of Cassola (province of Vicenza). The company provides 3D design and prototyping activities for highly-detailed molds in the manufacturing of thermoplastic material parts. In 2019, Vanni Covolo co-founded the River Cleaning Project to put design expertise at work in an effort to tackle the ever-increasing issue of plastic pollution. After receiving positive feedbacks and being awarded the SeedUp Prize at Ecomondo Expo in Rimini as well as the European Advanced SDG Award from the University of Wien, the River Cleaning Project assembled a dedicated team to handle strategic R&D, commercial and promotional activities.

For the development of the River Cleaning project we decided to take on an approach based on business ecosystems and network: the use of river rehabilitation technologies require the pooling of different areas of expertise and the cooperation of several businesses from the manufacturing to the operational phases. We decided to join the PREVENT Waste Alliance because they do an excellent job at putting people together.

Circularity is at the very core of our activity: retaining macroplastics in rivers means not only less pollution for riverine and marine environment. It means that plastic can be transformed once again from waste into new materials and new products. It is the act of transforming poison to medicine for local communities.