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Lagazel is a company that made solar kits, lamps, and charging stations for African countries from recycled batteries. There are two workshops where the products are assembled: one in Burkina Faso since 2016 and another one in Benin since 2021. Lagazel solves power cuts in two-third of African countries with their renewable, green and good quality products. The types of batteries accepted by Lagazel are the one from solar domestic equipment or batteries from electric mobility such as scooter or electric bicycles. To sum up, the batteries are lithium-ion, lithium-iron, or nickel.

Joining the PREVENT Waste Alliance is an important part in our sustainability path because it will allow the communication with the companies all over the world that also want to minimise waste and give it a second life in reusing and/or recycling it. Through the PREVENT Waste Alliance, Lagazel will meet all the actors in the market to facilitate the circular economy and to grow up together for a better sustainable world.

For Lagazel, circular economy is a model based on the green economy to reduce the ecological impact in recovering waste. In fact, after the first use of a product, it has a second life where it is reused, reconditioned, and recycled to have a new product with the same characteristics and properties as the first one. Waste recovering can also provide products different from the recycled one but with good quality such as the use of batteries from electric scooter to produce solar kits, lamps, or charging stations.