Kummer:Umweltkommunikation GmbH

Member since: 09/2021

Active in: WG Plastics, WG Framework conditions


Kummer:Umweltkommunikation GmbH

The company works in networks with other consultancies or scientists. It works for associations and medium-sized companies from various sectors, with a focus on the waste management and recycling industry, the chemical industry and companies from the logistics sector. The consulting and expert opinions focus on the areas of environment (technologies / engineering / licensing and waste law), energy (resource and energy efficiency, etc.), chemistry (REACh, hazardous substances) and environmental communication (public relations, further education, sustainability reports). The main focus of our services is the preparation of studies and expert reports or market research; press and public relations work, the implementation of environmental law and chemicals law, regulatory impact assessments, environmental and waste management, in-house training and further training seminars for specialists and managers.

The company has been working in networks and with other partners since its foundation. With PREVENT, it will be possible to meet other important players in the field of circular economy and to develop and implement new projects. The recovery of raw materials is only possible in larger alliances. Moreover, political framework conditions must usually first be adapted to provide a suitable regulatory framework for the circular economy. This can certainly be achieved particularly well within the framework of the PREVENT Waste Alliance.

Many raw materials are finite and will not be available in sufficient quantities in the future. Less than 10% are recycled after use and reused as recyclates. Massive industrial development, especially in South-East Asia and Africa, and population growth will lead to an increase in the amount of waste. In many developing and emerging countries, but also in some EU member states, waste is not disposed of properly and harms people, the environment and the climate. Environmental pollution burdens biodiversity and threatens sustainable development worldwide. The circular economy offers very important technological approaches here, which must be further promoted and recycling rates have to be increased.