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Jokey SE

The Jokey Group is a plastics processing company based in Wipperfürth in western Germany. A family business since it was established in 1968, it is widely recognised as one of the world's leading manufacturers of plastic packaging. Jokey produces sustainable packaging at 15 sites in 12 countries, and supplies sector-specific solutions for packaging both food and non-food items. Our comprehensive expertise in the plastics industry is rounded off by our own in-house tool-making business and divisions specialising in bathroom furniture and plastics for technical applications. From the very beginning, Jokey has been very much aware of its responsibility to improve the environmental reputation of the plastics industry and to promote sustainability at every stage of the value chain, as evidenced by our determination to develop the Jokey Eco Concept and a number of other initiatives.

The aims of the PREVENT Waste Alliance are a perfect match for Jokey’s own sustainable business philosophy. In joining the Alliance, we are also helping to develop our own Jokey Eco Concept by pro-actively taking responsibility for products. We want to use our expert knowledge, built up over many years, to build-in and improve sustainability at every stage of the value chain. We are convinced that we can only succeed in this aim if key players from the worlds of industry, commerce and politics come together to encourage the development of waste collection systems and support the transition to a circular economy.

For us, recycling means reusing post-consumer recyclables as high-quality raw materials for original packaging products. That’s why, at Jokey, we have been turning valuable secondary raw materials collected from domestic waste into new packaging for the non-food sector since the early 1990s. This process is now an integral part of the Jokey Eco Concept across the entire Jokey Group. In light of global increases in both production and consumption of goods, we feel we have an even greater responsibility to take urgent action to protect natural resources. As society increasingly faces up to the challenges of climate change and our collective responsibility for the environment, consumers expect packaging to be more and more sustainable. Our Jokey Eco Concept is delivering the right responses to these challenges.