Innovate & PREVENT: Contest on behaviour-centred design enters next phase

Online • 23. February 2022

Innovate & PREVENT: Contest on behaviour-centred design enters next phase

The BE.Innovative contest on behaviour-centred design, which is part of the Innovate & PREVENT programme, has entered the next phase. All selected finalists have started working on their behaviour-centred solutions for waste prevention.

The BE.Innovative contest helps members of the PREVENT Waste Alliance to leverage insights from behavioural science and design thinking to design more effective approaches to waste prevention and circular economy. 

Congratulations to the ten BE.Innovative finalists:

  • Common Seas (Indonesia): Common Seas wants households in Indonesia to switch to using reusable diapers instead of disposable ones to prevent diapers from ending up in rivers or the environment. The project will also promote job creation as the reusable diapers are made by local women for local communities.
  • Pakam Technology Limited (Nigeria): Pakam Technology wants to promote waste sorting from source by every household. Among other things, they plan to deploy a digital innovation that incentivizes waste sorting, creates a convenient waste management and provides transparency.
  • Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (Georgia): CENN aims to alter plastic consumption habits by encouraging a reduction in the use of plastics, especially single-use plastic items. CENN will promote sustainable alternatives by targeting institutions and their employees in Tbilisi.
  • Entreamigos (Mexico): The aim of Entreamigos is to encourage tourist establishments to participate in the correct sorting of valuable recyclables, to provide incentives for the elimination of single-use plastic in their establishments and to offer a platform for environmental education for tourists.
  • Making Oceans Plastic Free – with PT Ini Solusi Hijau (Indonesia): The goal of “SUP Free Families” is for households in Indonesia to refuse single-use plastic and manage plastic waste responsibly. The project aims to systematically harness the potential of students to act as drivers of change in their families.
  • The Rockstar Waste Services Limited (Ghana): The project wants to change the behavior of individuals, communities and companies in coastal areas by organising awareness campaigns on solid waste segregation, providing segregated waste collection services and introducing deposit schemes along the Atlantic ocean.
  • Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for the African Region (Nigeria): The project aims to encourage students and faculty members at the University of Ibadan to separate organic waste from general waste as part of a campus-wide composting programme.
  • Vertmonde (Ecuador): Vertmonde’s project aims to encourage people to take their e-waste to official recyclers. Currently, 97% of e-waste is disposed of informally, which leads to heavy pollution due to improper treatment.
  • River Cleanup – with Cibunut Finest (Indonesia): The project works with villages in Bandung to reduce the use of single-use plastic, create good sorting habits, incentivise people to bring their waste for collection and share their success stories – so other villages will follow.
  • Small Islands Geographic Society (Maldives): The Small Islands Geographic Society will work with restaurants and cafés to replace the use of PET water bottles with more sustainable methods (e.g. water refill stations, glass bottles).

The two winners of the BE.Innovative Contest, Common Seas and Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN), have received an additional $25,000 financial support to further implement their behaviour-centred approach. In this video they present their innovative approaches to prevent waste: YouTube: Innovative Behavioural Solutions to Prevent Waste.

The BE.Innovative contest is implemented by Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment and funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). It is part of the Innovate & PREVENT programme of the PREVENT Waste Alliance.