Guate Sostenible

Member since: 07/2020

Active in: WG Plastics

Guate Sostenible

GuateSostenible is the biggest digital platform about the Environment and Sustainability in Guatemala. On GuateSostenible’s webspace you can find information about the most important organisations and projects that support a circular economy, biodiversity and conservation, and a healthy lifestyle. GuateSostenible has conducted several successful digital campaigns for international and local companies regarding the recycling of packages and other waste material. GuateSostenible knows how to educate and empower its community on how and where to recycle waste materials.

GuateSostenible has valuable information to share with other PREVENT Waste Alliance members, and is eager to learn about other member’s experiences.

Circular economy is the future of society. Capitalism can thrive even better in a world where every package, every bottle, every product of consumption can be and is 100% recycled in another product.