EWaste Africa

Member since: 01/2022

Active in: WG E-Waste


EWaste Africa

EWaste Africa is a multi-award winning, legally compliant and environmentally ethical lighting and electronic waste (e-waste) recycler. Our services to our customers include on-site storage solutions, collection, logistics, and the heart of our business recycling and beneficiation. We also work with international partners to offer our customers the best international practice.

We believe that waste management is not a one-man show.  To enable a complete recycling solution, the strengths of many companies must be combined.  Not everyone can recycle every component.  To this end, we believe that the PREVENT Waste Alliance is the perfect opportunity to collaborate and work together with other recyclers.

For EWaste Africa, we aim to offer our customers a zero waste to landfill service.  Zero waste to landfill is a critical component of the circular economy, as we ensure that the components and materials that we recover from the lighting and electronic waste that we recycle are returned to the material value chain.  Therefore, the circular economy is a critical component of our service offering.