Member since: 09/2020

Active in: WG E-Waste



Enviroserve has developed a unique and vibrant approach to Resource Management in the industries of E-Waste Processing; Brand and Data Protection; IT Refurbishment; Refrigerant Recovery and Reclaim. Based in Dubai, UAE, at The Recycling Hub by Enviroserve, a purpose-built facility that processes over 100,000Tons of product per annum, we achieve our goal of recycling and processing resources for re-use for our clients, trusted associates, licence holders and partners globally. With our own geographical footprint of the Middle East, Africa and The Caucasus, we have a custodial inter-country Hub and Spoke process, available to a global base of users.

The ethos at Enviroserve is what we call “Co-Creation”. We understand and work as a company with the full understanding that to achieve a return to a globally sustainable planet – where Nature, its Commodities, the Currencies, Production Lines and People exist in a true circular balance, can only be achieved through joint effort, in total unison, with common agreed goals. Co-Creation.
To enable this, such alliances can only but develop dialogue, which in turn creates solutions. These solutions resolve fundamental issues efficiently and effectively. We support such global platforms where we both add value and aspire to resolution.

Nature makes commodities; commodities back currencies; currencies create/pay for production lines; production lines keep people fed, watered, warm and safe.

In order for the circular system to work in a perpetually positive cycle, people must take care of, protect and nurture nature. Or, we will not have enough commodities to back the currencies, therefore we won’t be able to buy production lines e.g. food, housing, hospitals, clothing, etc.

The ratio between nature and human-made structures must be a minimum of 60% nature versus 40% human-made structures. Without this balanced ratio level, the planet will not be able to sustain the growing world population. This is true Circular ECONOMY.