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CRCLR is the first competence centre for the circular economy in Berlin. In our Berlin centre, CRCLR House, visitors can see and experience best-practice examples. We also work with various partners to implement innovative projects in the fields of waste prevention and the circular economy. As well as having a sound core business, sustainable business models have a positive social and ecological impact. To make these models possible, we work with politicians, large companies and start-ups to design the circular economy of tomorrow today.

We want a socially and ecologically sustainable circular economy to be the new standard in all industries and businesses across Germany. That is what we are working for both within the Alliance and beyond, as a circular economy can only be achieved through global collaboration. We would like to get involved in the exchange of knowledge and ideas within the PREVENT Alliance to do our bit to help ensure that, in the future, value chains are designed based on the principles of the circular economy.

For us, the circular economy is about far more than just recycling. We view the circular economy as a holistic approach to designing our value chains and business models so that they are fit for the future in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. This is what we want today’s economy to achieve, and to do this, we advocate the implementation, research and expansion of the circular economy. We believe that it should become the new business standard and that circular economy standards should be measured in addition to GDP. Only the business models and economies that achieve a positive ecological and social impact in addition to economic success factors will be successful.