Coliba Recycling

Member since: 08/2019

Active in: WG Plastics

Coliba Recycling

Coliba is a plastic recycling company in Ghana that leverages on mobile, SMS and web technology to put recycling services at the finger tips of its users while working with already existing waste pickers in the plastic recovery and recycling value chain through an incentive based model. Coliba in turn processes recovered plastic waste into finished products and sells them to plastic manufacturing companies who make new products from them using the circular economy model.

Coliba became a member of the Prevent Waste Alliance because Coliba believe in the power of Alliance and networking as a platform of collaboration in dealing with the huge waste and sanitation challenge especially in a developing country like Ghana.

For us at Coliba, circular economy means second life. It entails ensuring that in all our operations from collection to processing we ensure that every step of the value chain does not produce waste but that new products that are sustainable can again be made from them in a circular loop so nothing is wasted.This way the end product of one material becomes an input or raw material needed by another process, all done in a sustainable manner in a way that has the environment at heart.