Member since: 06/2019

Active in: WG Plastics


CLEAR RIVERS is a non-profit organization acting to stop plastic pollution directly at rivers and ports. From our locations in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and Bern (Switzerland), we work on the prevention, awareness, education, retrieval and reuse of marine litter. We work on an international approach to make rivers, harbors, seas and oceans clean from plastic pollution. Our approach is a combination of the retrieval of floating plastic in rivers with Litter Traps and cleanups, creating circular products and educating people.

CLEAR RIVERS is pleased to share its experience and knowledge on the retrieval and recycling of marine litter. Within the last five years we gained an expertise in the implementation of passive Litter Traps and in the recycling of the recovered plastics into valuable new products such as the Litter Traps, floating parks, furniture and building materials through our international projects. Each of these projects is a collaborative process. To further expand our actions we’re very pleased to participate in the PREVENT Waste Alliance.

Circular ecomony means to us an effective re-use of our natural resources. Nothing is wasted. Single use products are limited and should at any case be reused and/or recycled into valuable and durable new products. The use of virgin materials should be avoided and the reuse of existing materials should become the new standard.