Circular Brain

Member since: 09/2020

Active in: WG E-Waste

Circular Brain

Circular Brain is a Technology Startup that creates digital solutions in Circular Economy and has the goal of becoming the promoting agent of circularity in the world’s consumption cycles. Being a Digital Hub for product lifecycle management, collaborative consumption, product as a service, reverse logistics, maintenance, reuse and recycling of electric and electronic products.

The PREVENT Waste Alliance gathers the most recognized organizations in fighting pollution and climate change through innovation of the world and was very important to Circular Brain to be part of such great team, exchanging knowledge and ideas to make the world better.

Circular Brain’s mission is “Making the World Circular” and for this reason Circular Economy is the core business of our organization. We use technologies from the 4th Industrial Revolution, such as ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, ROBOTICS, BLOCKCHAIN AND THE INTERNET OF THINGS, to make the transition between Linear to Circular Economy possible.