CE4SD – Circular Economy for Sustainable Development

Member since: 03/2020

Active in: WG Plastics, WG E-Waste


CE4SD – Circular Economy for Sustainable Development

CE4SD - Circular Economy for Sustainable Development is a network of experts with international working experience. We support companies, foundations and institutions who understand that a profitable change towards a Circular Economy is an unavoidable necessity. Different business models like pay-for-use, leasing, rental, performance contracting can be options to reduce waste and consumption of natural resources. Product design, supply chains, reverse logistics after use of products and reuse of parts and materials must be adapted to expand and secure market position and a profitable future of companies worldwide.

Members of the PREVENT Waste Alliance come from very different backgrounds. We all face global, regional and local challenges which can only be successfully mastered if governments, private and public sector companies, foundations and citizens cooperate. As stakeholders in change processes we need the exchange of visions, opinions, facts and figures to finally come to mutually beneficial solutions permitting economic, financial and personal well-being and long-term sustainability.

Reducing waste is an important component on the way towards a truly Circular Economy. Misuse of plastics – not only in packaging – is currently the most prominent and visible sign that today’s linear economy based on permanent growth will not be feasible in a world with limited resources (except for the supply of solar and geothermal energy, which is unlimited). Plastics are wonderful materials and a capitalist economy currently the most efficient system, however, significant adaptations and regulations are required to avoid further ecological damage. A Circular Economy will solve many of our current economic and environmental challenges.