Bundesstadt Bonn

Member since: 11/2019

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Bundesstadt Bonn

Bonn is the German city home to the United Nations and a centre of developmental cooperation. Over 20 UN organisations, including the Climate Change Secretariat, are based here. Together with environmental policy organisations, the academic and economic worlds come together here to work on global sustainable development. The Federal City of Bonn has maintained project- and climate-related partnerships with cities in the global south for years now as part of its municipal development cooperative policies. With the first municipal sustainability strategy adopted in 2019, the city is now implementing its 2030 agenda locally and striving for climate neutrality by 2035. Bonn is an active member of numerous city networks and the Mayor of Bonn has been president of ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability since 2018.

The PREVENT Waste Alliance brings together various sectors in the north and south and creates new connections, particularly within the economy. Rapid urbanisation and a scarcity of resources make preventing waste, using it further and recycling objects and raw materials a priority concern. For ICLEI, a circular economy is one of the five pathways to urban sustainable development. Bonn’s sustainability strategy focusses on natural resources and the economy. Within Bonn’s project partnerships, waste management has been designated by our partners as a central concern. As a member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance, Bonn hopes to work with ICLEI and its partners in the global south on innovative, urban solutions.

Circular economy cities are of vital importance globally, as in Bonn. City-owned company BonnOrange, together with its academic partners, recently explored the potential of collecting and sorting valuable raw materials. Responsible and resource-sparing consumption is also part of our commitment to greater climate protection. In 2019, Bonn launched a campaign on the use of returnable cups when selling drinks and joined the Green Circular Cities Coalition, an international network of cities committed to strengthened circular economies. Bonn has also provided second-hand shopping guides and an exchange and gift swapping service for a long time now. These initiatives will be further expanded as part of Bonn’s sustainability strategy.