BD Recycle Technologies Limited

Member since: 07/2022

Active in: WG Plastics, WG E-Waste

BD Recycle Technologies Limited

BD Recycle Technologies Ltd (BRTL) is a climate-tech & clean-tech venture that is transforming the solid waste supply chain, management & recycling of Bangladesh into a tech-based, data driven formal industry. It empowers stakeholders & facilitates traceable & efficient transactions of recyclables with a vision of establishing "circular economy" & "zero waste to landfill". Our Key Aspects: 1. Bottom-up approach through empowerment with knowledge & resources. 2. A centrally managed, integrated platform for all the stakeholders of industry. 3. Transparency & visibility over the entire supply chain across the country. 4. Focus on "Inclusive & Fair" strategy for all the low-income & vulnerable laborers of the industry. 5. 100% SDGs-oriented.

BRTL joined PREVENT to exchange ideas and to build bridges between local industry & the global ecosystem. BRTL believes that it would empower BRTL for global collaboration & for doing its work effectively.

Circular Economy to BRTL is a vision. BRTL is pursuing the reduction of the waste flows to landfill by 100% and the facilitation of recovery of resources from waste streams for newer uses.