Asosiasi Daur Ulang Plastik Indonesia

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Asosiasi Daur Ulang Plastik Indonesia

ADUPI is an Indonesian Plastics Recycling Association. We have 7 regional office across Indonesia. Our association consists of more than 400 members with various business types along the recycling value chain, from waste banks, waste collectors and aggregators to recycling industries and converters. Our main purpose is to increase recycling rates and growing our recycling industry. We face a major challenge: what we need to address soon are new investments, opportunities for advancing the growth of businesses, the issuing of bans and an early implementation of EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility).

We need the PREVENT Waste alliance as an overseas networking partner for further collaboration to work on some pressing issues in Indonesia. We hope for good networking opportunities and support as well as valuable exchange of information with other members. We are also open to other possibilities for collaboration.

As recyclers, circular economy will be our final target. Unfortunately, we lack high value recycling materials. As an emerging country, we are mainly confronted with low value plastics, unrecyclable material which goes to landfills. It’s a big issue which we have to solve, even chemical recycling or waste to energy for residues could be possible options.