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Asosiasi Daur Ulang Plastik Indonesia

We would like to inform that ADUPI is Indonesian Plastic Recycle Association. We have 7 regional office across Indonesia. Consist of more than 400 members with various business type along recycle chain, from waste bank, waste collector and aggregator, to recycling industry and some with converter. Our main purpose to increase recycling rate and growing our recycling industry. In other hand, we also have some big concern issue to handle. From new investment and growth business,handling banning issue, EPR implementation need at soon.

We need a PREVENT WASTE as overseas networking partner and further collaboration in some issue that we have in Indonesia. We hope that we will have good networking and support, information change in between, also other what is possible.

As recycles, circular economy will be our final target. But unfortunately we lack of high value recyclable materials. As an emerging country, we faced most of all is low value plastic, unrecyclable material which going to landfill. It’s also a big issue from us. We have to solve this, even chemical recycling or waste to energy for residue.