Video series: EPR Explained! published as part of PREVENT EPR Toolbox

20. July 2021

Video series: EPR Explained! published as part of PREVENT EPR Toolbox

The PREVENT Waste Alliance Toolbox Know-how to enable Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging has now been complemented with the video series: EPR Explained! Experts from different organisations share their perspective and insights on several topics surrounding EPR. Each of the 14 videos focusses on one distinct topic.

The EPR Toolbox was developed by the PREVENT working group on plastics and is a collection of internationally relevant know-how on the topic of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging. It aims at promoting the knowledge exchange on EPR and enhancing the further development of EPR schemes worldwide. The written material consists of 14 factsheets, presentations, country reports, FAQs and exercises. To equip learners with another accessible tool, PREVENT has developed the video series: EPR Explained! as part of the EPR Toolbox. The complete EPR Toolbox can be viewed here and the 14 videos can be watched on the PREVENT YouTube channel.

In interviews, PREVENT members and partners, from Indonesia, Ghana and Germany, present key knowledge on different topics that are relevant for an EPR system. Furthermore, they share their personal experience regarding different matters, such as establishing a regulatory framework in Indonesia, recycling and recyclability in Ghana, or financing a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) in Germany. This way, the viewer learns about EPR basics while also having the opportunity to learn from experiences made in different country contexts and hearing different opinions on distinct issues. The video series: EPR Explained! can be used as tool for workshops, trainings or other formats.

On behalf of PREVENT, we would like to thank all contributing parties for their valuable inputs, cooperation and commitment!

From Indonesia:
Christine Halim: Indonesia Plastic Recyclers Association (ADUPI)
Karyanto Wibowo: Packaging and Recycling Alliance for Indonesia Sustainable Environment (PRAISE)

From Ghana:
Cordie Aziz: Environment360
Adwoa Coleman: Ghana Recycling Initiative by Private Enterprises (GRIPE)
Oliver Boachie: Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology & Innovation Ghana (MESTI)

From Germany:
Gunda Rachut: Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR)
Agnes Bünemann, Dr. Stephan Löhle, Jana Brinkmann: cyclos GmbH
Michael Wiener, Helmut Schmitz: DSD – Duales System Holding GmbH & Co. KG / Der Grüne Punkt
Dr. Anna Pegels: German Development Institute (DIE)
Sandra Beckamp, Dr.-Ing. Joachim Christiani: Institute cyclos-HTP GmbH
Dr. Bernhard Bauske: World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)
Christina Jäger: Yunus Environment Hub

We also wish to extend our thanks to the GIZ/NRW/Environment360 project and to the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR) for providing video footage as well as to cyclos GmbH for providing video manuals. Special thanks also to the colleagues from GIZ Rocky Pairunan and Joseph Sikanartey for facilitating the video recordings in Indonesia and Ghana and Daniel Hinchliffe for the English voice-over. We would also like to express our thanks to the video producer Deniss Kacs Medienproduktion Cologne, Germany.

Finally, the PREVENT Waste Alliance would like to thank the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) for the funding of the EPR Toolbox.