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Zukunftsmoderation! Henrik Langholf & Friends

The Water Festival Freiburg (WFF) is an international innovation and cultural event with a powerful vision at its core: making sure our oceans are clean, healthy and free of plastic by 2050. The WFF is part of the ‘global heartbeat’ of committed individuals, innovative companies, determined scientists, awareness-raising environmental organisations, amplifying media outlets and change-focused politicians that feel compelled to react to the all-encompassing ‘plastic crisis’ not just with dismay, but with concrete action and innovation too. These are the people we invite to events in the Green City of Freiburg every year, together with all their knowledge, intelligence, connections and passion. Once here, we give them a space to speak their minds about key issues surrounding our central theme of ‘Transforming Ocean Plastics’. Spurred on by the Collective Innovation Process, we address and tackle these problems and find surprising solutions in five separate areas of activity. We then pursue these solutions with the help of a Global Change Roadmap.

The Club of Rome’s report for 2017 was entitledCome on! What does that injunction mean to us? It means new kinds of networks and accelerating our progress from ‘closed innovation’ towards ‘collective innovation’. It means bringing major players from the key stakeholder groups together to share not just what they know, but what they don’t know. And it means creating the space they need to find solutions. We see the PREVENT Waste Alliance as a strategic step in this direction. THANK YOU setting it up – we’re delighted to be part of it!

The WFF works in five separate areas: 1. Garbage Out (How do we get the plastic out of the sea and stop more getting in?) 2. Recycling (How can we improve circular processes?) 3. Alternative Materials (How can we scale-up new, non-fossil-based, materials?) 4. New Lifestyles (How can we make a ‘zero packaging’ lifestyle work?) 5. Transformation Management (How can we best manage the transition to a circular economy in our private lives, in our business, in our local areas, at national level and all over the world?)
As you can see, the circular economy is a key concept within our overarching theme of ‘Transforming Ocean Plastics.’ We are always really keen to explore it further, at the same time as getting to know new experts and refining new and innovative processes.