Waste Management Provider Böblingen

Member since: 05/2019

Active in: WG Framework conditions


Waste Management Provider Böblingen

The waste management company disposes waste for approximately 400,000 residents in 26 towns and municipalities in the district of Böblingen in the centre of the Stuttgart region of Baden-Württemberg. For years, the company has stood for reliable, environmentally-focussed and cost-effective waste and valuable materials disposal at a socially acceptable cost. Doing things the ‘Böblinger way’ is a nationwide synonym for efficient waste management under municipal control for the benefit of local citizens. Today, waste management means the circular economy: waste that cannot be recycled is used to generate energy via a modern waste incineration plant. This, as well as the separate collection of recyclable materials that we provide in the district of Böblingen through our recycling centres, district-wide organic and waste paper bins and our recycling bins, guarantees a high level of sustainability, as well as protection for the climate and our resources.

Since 2016 there has been a project partnership with the El Guettar community in Tunisia as part of the ‘Germany-North Africa Municipal Knowledge Transfer’ GIZ project. This involved launching a public awareness campaign for the separate collection of waste, supporting self-composting and initiating the building of recycling centres for separate collections of plastic materials, paper and cardboard boxes, as well as metals. The recycling centre was opened in December 2019. The next project involves building a composting site for bio-waste and green materials. This nationwide pilot project will be further supported and rolled out as widely as possible.

As one of the few municipal waste disposal companies in the district, we’ve been operating within the philosophy of performing all possible tasks involved in modern waste management on our own for over 25 years now. We always have a clear hierarchy of objectives in mind: preventing waste – preparing for reuse – recovering materials – recovering energy – disposal. We have also exceeded the recycling quotas set by the EU Waste Framework Directive for years now, as well as the Baden-Württemberg state targets for 2020, with the help of our waste management concept. In state-of-the-art facilities, including a fermentation plant and a residual waste-to-energy plant, in which the district has a 50% stake, and through recovering landfill gas, we turn our waste into electricity and heating.