Value Network Venture Advisory Services Pvt Ltd

Member since: 07/2021

Active in: WG Framework conditions

Value Network Venture Advisory Services Pvt Ltd

VNV Advisory is a project finance/developer of climate resilient and innovative technologies and projects. VNV Advisory’s community-led programs on climate change have covered over 6 million rural households and 1-2 million hectares land use and forestry management across 9+ countries in South Asia, contributing to the global fight on climate change and providing a better way of life for climate vulnerable communities in various areas, for example sustainable and regenerative agriculture, rural energy access, water access and conservation and waste management. We work with over 50+ NGOs, social organisations and implementation partners to conceptualise, design, implement and execute these technologies on the ground. VNV actively engages with businesses to address issues of social responsibility and environmental sustainability along their supply chain, and more recently pulling focus on climate action projects with a high degree of adaptation elements.

VNV Advisory recognises the PREVENT Waste Alliance’s continued contribution to minimising waste, eliminating pollutants and maximising the reuse of resources in the economy worldwide.
With a similar vision to reduce waste production and efficiently manage waste both in the rural and urban scenario, VNV is keen to engage with multiple stakeholders on the PREVENT Waste Alliance platform to learn, grow, evolve and collaborate in synergy with partners to accomplish these goals.
Having been at the forefront of innovative technology and sustainable project implementation (including a waste PoA, movement towards sustainable menstrual products etc.) for over a decade and a half now, VNV understands the importance of collaboration in bringing various skill sets, knowledge and expertise to the table, and is eager to be a part of working groups that strategize and tackle this global phenomenon.

A circular economy, to us, aims to eliminate any impacts of socio-economic activity that causes damage to natural systems. VNV believes in addressing a problem at the source, rather than just closing the loop, and devising solutions to manage them at the disposal. This means designing for durability and making effective use of bio-based materials from conceptualisation and manufacturing. We recognise that waste management has more recently become a global issue rather than a local problem. This calls for a systemic approach by and to support countries, especially ones that might develop unsustainably, to ensure this transition is made in time to avoid the improper disposal and management of waste produced at a later point. Understanding the eventuality of the global scenario of waste production is extremely crucial, as is decentralising waste management and preventing waste across geographies.