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Unwaste.io Ltd

We are a social enterprise using data to help create a circular economy for plastic waste, focusing on the global south. Our free plastic monitoring platform, Wastebase DATA, collects data about where plastic bottles end up in the environment. We connect bottle barcodes to information about the companies and brands that own those products. We believe that data is key to realising effective Extended Producer Responsibility schemes, so we make our data available at wastebase.org. We’re also building a mobile-based platform to facilitate transparent, fair transactions between waste pickers and waste reprocessors, to support local, circular markets for discarded plastic.

We joined PREVENT as our whole model is based on collaborating with other actors in the plastics value chain. We want to collect high quality, reliable data to help other organisations carry out research, develop policy or find efficiencies to unlock value from waste plastic. We want to learn from other partners who are working in different geographies and with different specialisms. We believe in the principles of Extended Producer Responsibility and understand that it can only work through collaboration and information sharing – PREVENT is an important part of that movement.

We believe that a circular economy is essential to combating the plastic pollution crisis. We’ve seen, first hand, how discarded plastic can pollute rivers, waterways, clog drainage systems and put pressure on already limited municipal solid waste management systems in the global south. The volume of plastic waste is increasing, so we know that any solutions need to be financially sustainable and viable in the longer term. Circular economy models offer practical opportunities for change, while supporting local economies, creating thriving domestic markets and benefiting the often extremely vulnerable people who make a living from collecting plastic waste.