Member since: 02/2022

Active in: WG E-Waste



Unbinare is an e-waste reverse engineering laboratory. We reverse engineer embedded devices and components that have reached an end-of-life status, are no longer supported by their manufacturer or have other restrictions that make them expensive to repair or reuse. Reverse engineering research recovers full design and functional information from these devices so that they can be repaired, reused, repurposed or even recreated. We assist recycling and refurbishing companies in returning these products to market. We create open source hardware and software reverse engineering tools to help the informal sector in low and middle income countries to join us.

We became a member after discovering the PREVENT Waste Alliance’s unique approach to collaboration between alliance members and the informal sectors in low and middle income countries. We recognized our core values of openness, equality and collaboration and found that we could mature our reverse engineering research methodologies by establishing a direct connection to the individuals and organisations that process e-waste exported from richer countries. We expect this will allow us to collaboratively create open source software and hardware reverse engineering tools that assist us in establishing new and innovative production-consumption chains from e-waste.

To us, a circular economy within the context of e-waste should include the repurposing of devices and components as a waste processing trajectory. This means that devices and components should not only be consumed, but taken apart and fully documented to such a degree that alternative uses of these devices can be identified, designed, and implemented. We encourage reverse engineering as a research and development strategy and envision the emergence of products that modify devices and components to perform tasks they were not initially designed to perform, outliving their estimated lifespan.