Umwelt Cluster Bayern

Member since: 06/2019

Active in: WG Framework conditions

Umwelt Cluster Bayern

The Umweltcluster Bayern (Bavaria Environment Cluster) is the network for Bavaria's environmental sector, scientists, academics local authorities and public-sector companies. We bring together businesses, research and development specialists, service providers, planners, commercial representative bodies, politicians, civil servants, local authorities, public contracting authorities, investors and (public) funding bodies, the media and communications services providers.

We have become a member because we consider this initiative by Minister Müller to be very important, because we can contribute our know-how and expertise as an efficient network of the environmental economy and because we can make a significant contribution to the improvement of living conditions.

Circular economy is a central part of our network.
With well-founded knowledge of environmental technology and practice-proven solutions, we support the implementation of functional collection and sorting structures, which are one of the essential conditions for the circular economy.