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Trienekens GmbH

Trienekens GmbH is an operational management holding company based in Viersen, Germany. Its tasks include in particular the management of foreign subsidiaries and associated companies in Malaysia - here in the state of Sarawak ( - and in Spain, in particular in the Basque Country ( Technical and commercial services are provided for the subsidiaries and associated companies. The technical services include planning, development, conceptual design - basic engineering - and the installation of all waste management tasks within the scope of waste management and recycling. We see ourselves as a group of companies that is committed to environmental protection through the development of a sustainable waste management infrastructure and the gradual development towards a circular economy.

Trienekens GmbH can call upon over 20 years of experience in developing integrated waste management systems. We built and operate the Kuching Integrated Waste Management Park (KIWMP) in Sarawak, Malaysia, and provide a full range of waste management services at every level. According to the OECD, the World Bank and the IMF, Malaysia is a prime example of an emerging economy having to face the problems that come with rapid economic growth. The absence of a reliable legal framework, a lack of high-quality infrastructure and neglected waste management systems combine to pose serious problems for the country. We feel we have a responsibility as a company to help lay the groundwork for a functioning waste management system and the circular economy, in Malaysia and in other developing countries and markets. Of course, our primary focus is to develop a functioning waste management system in Malaysia. We hope that joining the Prevent Waste Alliance will give us access to more expertise and support, as well as providing more opportunities to share our experience with partners. Our ultimate aim would be to see the Malaysian Department of Environment get involved in the Prevent Waste Alliance. Malaysia is facing a range of waste management challenges. Plastic waste presents a major problem, as does the disposal of used consumer appliances and electrical equipment. Moreover, there is no clear, fundamental division of waste management responsibilities in law, meaning there is a general absence of sustainable waste management systems for household and commercial waste. Although the public at large are increasingly conscious of the problem, this development is so far yet to be complemented by government action at either regional or national level. By working together with the Prevent Waste Alliance and the Malaysian government, we can help to raise awareness of these issues.

A functioning circular economy is key to tackling the challenges posed by finite resources, global warming, implementing the energy transition and the need to protect our planet. In Germany we have both a legal framework and cooperative relationships with the materials processing industry across many sectors of the economy. Expanding and developing functioning waste management systems and circular economies in developing countries and emerging economies is crucial for the future of planet earth. The time for action is now. Success will require cooperation with our partners, working together at every level in all the countries affected.