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Improving framework conditions on municipal level

Working group



2 billion people lack access to basic waste collection worldwide


Around 5% of global greenhouse gases are emitted by waste sector


Doubled municipal waste generation per capita over the last decade


1.3 billion tons of food waste per year

Objectives of the working group


  • Support stakeholders in adapting legal and organizational framework conditions that enable a circular economy and functional recycling and waste management
  • Advise the development of sustainable operator and business models involving the private sector
  • Promote knowledge transfer and training of experts and leaders in low- and middle-income countries
  • Strengthen political commitment and public relations
  • Develop and disseminate environmental standards
  • Support municipalities in the sustainable management of organic waste

“The PREVENT Waste Alliance is a great opportunity to establish the topic of circular economy on a worldwide level as it brings together actors from the different sectors by establishing a platform on which the various activities can be harmonised and a knowledge transfer facilitated.”

Dr. Sven Schaller, German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ), Coordinator International Affairs.


“The network of the PREVENT Waste Alliance provides great opportunities for a global exchange of experiences and expertise on important international topics such as beneficial organic waste management, better framework conditions for all actors and sector contributions to climate mitigation.”

Anja Schwetje, German Environment Agency (UBA), Desk Officer.

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Pilot projects

In two pilot projects, innovative solutions for improving the framework conditions in different contexts will be tested. The recommendations and programs developed are based on the specific local conditions and are intended to serve as a basis for further measures on site.

Pilot Project

German-MENA university network for waste management and circular economy.

Pilot Project

Guideline for organic waste treatment in East Africa.

Why join?

  • We combine perspectives and expertise in a large group of diverse players operating at all levels of the waste management and circular economy sector
  • We develop guidelines and trainings on the basis of the working group’s expertise, for example regarding the management of organic waste
  • We promote best practises and model projects that can be shared and upscaled in low- and middle-income countries

Become a member!

You are active in the field of waste management and circular economy or you are a stakeholder in the plastic or electronics value chains? You want to intensify your cooperation with partners?

Leads & Contact

Anja Schwetje

Anja Schwetje

German Environment Agency (UBA)

+49 (0)34 021033284


Bert Wibel

Bert Wibel

DIHK Service GmbH / Chambers for GreenTech

0151 441439 86

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