The members of the PREVENT Waste Alliance work together for waste prevention, collection, and recycling as well as the increased uptake of secondary resources.
We engage in thematic working groups, in which activities are planned and implemented. Each working group is supervised by one or two leaders with the support of the secretariat. To learn more about objectives, contents and achievements of the working groups, please choose one of the following topics.

All working groups

Closing plastic cycles

Closing e-waste cycles

Framework conditions

Cross-cutting topics

In addition to the working groups, we address further cross-cutting issues.

PREVENT members analyse and test possible financing mechanisms to cover the costs of collection and recycling of e-waste and plastic packaging.

Furthermore, an exchange of experiences was initiated on the topic of awareness raising and behaviour change.

Contents of this activities can be consulted only by members through the PREVENT HUB so far.

Why join?

  • You are active in the field of waste management and circular economy
  • You are a stakeholder in the plastic or electronics value chains
  • You already have activities and partnerships at international level
  • You want to intensify your cooperation with partners in low- and middle-income countries
  • You want to make value chains suitable for the circular economy
  • You want to improve local waste management

Join us now

If the requirements apply to you, you are welcome to participate in the PREVENT Waste Alliance.

In case of question please contact us: